How to move your blog pix from Photobucket to Flickr

Have you got those awful black '3rd Party' symbols from Photobucket showing up on your blog? Do they look like this:

What this means is that you either pay Photobucket a monthly amount to host them - or you need to move them! I've moved mine to Flickr, and here's a video on how I did it.

It's really important that you pay attention to the coding - and be very careful not to delete the " symbols. Don't leave any spaces between the symbols either!


  1. This 3rd party thing is on my I do the same as this on the blog?

    1. Hi Barb
      Yes, you do - whether it's in your sidebar, footer etc. :-)

  2. Aahh...I went in to quickly...I see you do it on the blog. Sorry to be a dumbo


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