Happy 2019, Everyone!

and a Happy New Year!

Easy UPCYCLED Stamp and Die Storage File Box

Next on the list to tackle is my stamp and die storage problem. Things need to be stored safely but also be easy to find - and stamp and die sets need to be stored together. This is my solution (I've also made a video)...

Quick and Easy Heat Gun Stand

I made my mind up to take my storage in hand - I'm so tired of everything being all over the place. I started with the glue gun stand in the previous post, and decided my next step was my heat gun storage problem.

Easy Peasy Glue Gun Stand

Don't know about you, but I've had a few glue guns in my time. And they always fall over.The only one that didn't fall over was too heavy for me! So here's a really easy solution...

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

The Christmas season is definitely upon us, so I decided to put up a Christmassy header, background and email button!

Much fun - hope you like them!

Don't forget - you can put your decorations up any time now (from 1st December onwards) but it's bad luck to take them down before 12th Night (6th January).