Personalising Planner Divider Pages

Here are more of the planner divider pages, which I've personalised. I've added pockets, tags etc - it's amazing what a difference it makes!

I made a video showing how to make two of the pockets (this is my first one for ages, so please make allowances).

Sorry about the occasional background noise - although some distance away, we're under the Heathrow flightpath, so there is some muted plane noise, as the windows were open.

Month by month... 

January - lace edge (see how to do this in my previous post)

February - 2 cut pockets, layered one on top of the other

Personalising my Planner and a video

Even though I'm none to sure which planner format I enjoy the most, I've decided to go ahead and personalise the A5 Filofax one anyway, and start personalising!

Here's a little video I made (still photos are further down this post, after the break).

This is the planner I've been working in:

I added a clear heart danglie to the elastic closure by opening the jump ring with pliers, then closing again for a secure join.

And tucked stickers, sticky notes and paper clips in the pockets. I ordered a rather lovely laminated landing page from Royal Planner on Etsy plus stickers etc from Reset Girl (you can get these in the UK - try Amazon and Etsy).