Christmas Sleigh ornaments

I've made two Christmas Sleighs. These are MDF ornaments/table decorations from a very plain kit (very boring brown) which I created last year (originally for a Christmas fair, which I had to cancel due to flu).

This is Sleigh No 1, with little toy drums

There's a lot of fake snow, plus a painted crackle effect in selected areas

I've piled on the fake snow and glitter EVERYWHERE!

I'm a great believer in the back being as nice as the front...

I've used glitter baubles, silver apples, tiny fir cones...

This is Sleigh No 2. It's the same, but different... So they could be a pair, or stand alone.

This one doesn't have any toy drums

But it does have glittered fruit

Lots of metallic gold baubles

Glittery silver twigs

Loads of fake snow...and glitter, of course...

Hope you like them!

I just put them on eBay, hoping someone will love them and give them a new home.

FACES - two watercolour journal pages.

These journal pages are a little different - in each case I drew just half the face!

In each case, I've painted in watercolour onto fairly absorbent paper - without drawing a pencil line first! This has given a really soft & dreamy effect.

I've used stamps for the lace effect, and the quotes are by AlteNew stamps. The flowers are also stamps, roughly watercoloured, then even more roughly cut out and hacked into to create petals.

I've torn the bottom of the pieces to follow that lace effect.