Blogging for beginners: how to add a link inside a post

You can see the two links here

I've had an email asking me how to add links in a post. This really isn't as hard as it looks! Here's how I do it...

First, type the words you want to link. For argument's sake, we'll say I want to go to a tutorial I have on my Computery blog.

First, highlight and COPY the url - this is the address you want the link to go to.

Highlight the words or phrase you want to use to make your link, then click on the Link icon in the top toolbar of your posting area.

Next, type your post. Highlight any word or phrase you want to use as the link, like I have done here.

Clicking on the LINK icon in the posting area will bring up the EDIT LINK box. The text you typed will display in the top TEXT TO DISPLAY box. If you don't like the wording, you can type something else in here, which will immediately change the text in the post for you.

You've already copied the url you want the link to go to - now paste it into the WEB ADDRESS box.

You may want to tick the OPEN THIS LINK IN A NEW WINDOW box before you click OK. This means the link will open in a separate page when clicked on. If you don't tick this, you'll find your blog changes to the new link url, and people will need to remember to use their back arrow to get back to you.

If you want to make your link really stand out, highlight the words or phrase in the post and then click the BOLD and ITALIC buttons, like I've done here.

Finally, I'm adding the link again here (to save you scrolling back up this post, although you can if you want, just to see I've done it all 'live', as it were).

Hope this helps!

Yet another Christmas card

Top-folding card, with a satin ribbon running top to bottom
Closeup of deckle edged image. The wings have an edge of glitter, and the rest is a very heavy coat of Crackle Glaze over watercolour
This one is using the Angels stamp sheet, which is my own stamp design for Blade Rubber Stamps. Another sample for my 23 November class.

View from the front. The background is pearlised charcoal card, stamped with a snowflake image - one lot with Black Sparkle embossing powder and the other with white gesso.
This is actually two stamps - the original includes the background shape, and the second one is the outline image, which I've stamped over the top. I love the texture here.
I've developed what I think is a new technique (at least, I've never seen it anywhere) where I've incorporated gesso with watercolours for a rather different effect - plus texture! Sort of a 'now you see it, now you don't' effect.

More cards for Christmas

Glitter paper, punched-out snowflakes, diamante stones, vintage lace at the bottom and Tim Holtz 'Vintage Market' die cut letters which I've glittered.

Another card, using Lynne Perella stamps. Again for my 23 November class at Blade Rubber Stamps.

A closeup showing the glitter paper I die cut to leave a frame. I've layered this over pearlised charcoal. To get this dimension, I've used pop dots around the apertures, and glued flat on the outer edges of the card, making it curve. Effective, I think...

Liberal amounts of glitter over watercolour paints, plus flat-back black diamante stones. I've added dimension to the Christmas trees with Sepia Accents.

This time, I've stamped and embossed the image with a Black Sparkle glitter powder, then painted with watercolours. This gives a very different effect.

Hope you like it.

Card samples for Christmas

Gold Queen - a die cut frame from textured gold card layered to a differently textured gold card.
Vintage braids, satin ribbon, diamante stones

Closeup detail showing the different layers of glitter I've used, plus the painting. The Lady is stamped onto acetate using Staz-On.

I've a whole heap of cards as samples for my 23 November class using Lynne Perella stamps (plus a few others, as you do ...) When I say a whole heap, I mean 7 - which is a lot for me in one session. Which was over a couple of days, as there was a lot of drying time involved. I don't work THAT fast, lol.

So I'll be loading these over a couple of days, or one post would go on for ever!

I've worked on acetate, painting it with acrylics, glittering it, layering it.