Playing around with UTEE...

FLY - a card I've done with Tim Holtz die cut bird & birdcage, which I've UTEEd up

Since UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) first came on the market, things have changed - a LOT! New techniques, new ways of doing things...

Closeup of the bird, where I've used Gilding Flakes and clear UTEE, then stamped into it with a swirl stamp and black Brilliance ink. You can really see the depth of the stamp, and the texture.

I've been playing around with Indigo Blu's Gilding Flakes and am very happy to tell you that you can use these with UTEE! Apply the Flakes in the normal way (Flitter Glue, then Flakes, then polish off with a Scoochie or a texture sponge) then add clear pigment ink over the top. You then need at least 3 or 4 layers of clear UTEE, which you stamp into with a rubber stamp pre-inked with pigment ink. Voila!

Closeup of the birdcage, where I've gilded with foil then added UTEE, which I've also stamped into. Notice I've added some fine gilt chain to the cage, threading it through and allowing it to drape freely.
Another closeup of the bird
The whole card again, with a Tim Holtz metal label holder and paper flowers.

My class tomorrow is showing all the latest methods - meantime I thought everyone might like to check out these phenomenal YouTube videos.

A fabulous frame effect by cynthialoowho

It's usually all about the Hot Pot, but it's so nice to see people going back to basics and using UTEE with a heat gun, as we used to do when it first came on the scene.

Cosmic Shimmers and Distress Ink by Jennings644

I bet you haven't seen this wonderful technique before, using Cosmic Shimmers (this would also work with Glimmer Mist). You really have to give it a go - phenomenal!

I've duplicated this post onto the Blade Rubber blog, which I write for them - sheer laziness! Just so you know you aren't seeing double, lol...

SPELLING BEE vintage journal - inside the book

I thought you might like to see inside this journal...

The Spelling Bee journal - vintage covers, with the interior completely gutted so I could add my own mix of papers: sheet music, lined Visitors pages, children's book illustrations etc etc... tutorial on Etsy.


The sheet music is waaaaay too wide, and too long - so I folded up the bottom and folded in the sides to make flip-out pockets.

Close-up of the sheet music page. I folded up at the bottom before stitching the page into the book. I also folded in at the sides.

View from the top, showing the wild assortment of papers.

And another view, showing more of the mix.

I'll scan and post up artwork very shortly.

SPELLING BEE - handmade vintage journal over tapes

Here's my other handmade vintage journal - which I'm calling Spelling Bee. This is because it was originally a Visitor's Book, with the bees already embossed on the cover, and with lined pages. I'm intending this to be my practice lettering book, hence the really bad pun, lol.

I've covered the spine edges of the covers with Broderie Anglais lace, to neaten up where I've cut out the page block, and also to give a nice finish. I felt it went well with the style. The lettering is from a vintage children's book (one of my other vintage journals) and the little girl is from a vintage French grammar book circa 1930. I've drawn back into the illustration and 'grounded' her with a little shadow added with acrylic paint.

I used Tim Holtz's Grungeboard, cut into strips, for my tapes (painted over with copper Lumiere acrylic) and stitched the journal with butcher's twine.

I've added a mad assortment of papers: some of the original lined paper, plus some from several children's books, some vintage sheet music etc etc. I think an interesting mix makes for texture and interest, and the paper often inspires me! I've also added page folds and pockets.

I had a great class at Blade Rubber, and everyone who made their journals are now doing a journalling course with me. We've just finished doing backgrounds, and the next one is on how to draw faces and figures and image transfers. I adore making a journal and then working in it - makes it even more unique.

For those of you interested who can't do a class with me, here's a link to the tutorial in my Etsy shop.

ZOMBIE - handmade vintage journal sewn over tapes

I just finished stitching my Zombie journal (couldn't resist the cover - you'll be glad to know I cut the page block out in one piece so that I can read it later). So here it is - I thought you'd like to see the finished article.

I've used a combination of sewing over tapes and a Coptic stitch, so this is sewn as solid as a rock, with a rather nice woven braid and variegated red embroidery floss (on purpose, as it's dark reds shading to black, to symbolise blood, lol).

I've cut the page block out of the book, and put in my own mix of new, vintage, plain and printed pages, all mixed up, to add texture and interest. I'll scan pages as I finish them.

As you can see, it's a solid little thing. I haven't pressed the signatures down flat, so they have plenty of bounce at the spine, which will in turn allow for all the 'stuff' I'm going to put in it.

This is now my latest online tutorial on Etsy, as so many people have asked about these journals. I've devised a double-stitch over the tapes, so they're rock solid and won't wobble around and fall out when you're trying to stitch (this used to drive me mad!)

Hope you like it, and I'll add the other new one I've done in my next post.