OP time

I've photoshopped myself into this pic

Well, I can't believe how the time has flown - last Wednesday, I'm having my Pre-Op examination: nose swap swab (!!) for MRSA, ECG, blood pressure, weight and height.

A nasty side effect of old age - I've shrunk nearly an inch! I used to be a statuesque 5ft8in and now I'm a tiny 5ft7in - woe is me!And now it seems I've blinked twice ... and it's nearly tomorrow! No food after midnight (sorry, we've had Southern Fried Chicken and made pigs of ourselves but I just had to have it - blow the diet!) then up at 5.30am to be at the hospital well in time for 7.30am. RE the pre-med - at that time in the morning I'll already be half asleep, so I gues that will help...

You won't see another post from me for around two weeks, as I have to keep the foot elevated. So I suppose I'll just have to force myself to read and watch TV etc. Himself will be doing all the cooking, so I won't have to lift a finger, bless him. He's more nervous than I am - I am kind of excited, in a weird sort of way (and worrying how to get up a very steep flight of stairs to our first floor flat - on my bottom, hotching up step by step like a toddler, I guess.)

Wish me luck - back soon (I hope.....)

Christmas in the BANK!

You may have noticed this button in my sidebar - it's a great challenge from Sandi at Maximum Embellishment, to get us ready for NEXT Christmas! The idea is to create a little something every month, sign up to Sandi's challenge and share your brilliant ideast - then next Christmas you'll already have virtually all your artwork already done, all ready to go!

So do click this link to read all about it. I think it's a wonderful idea (and of course my artwork - I designed the button - is wonderful too, lol lol lol).


Dunno about you, but I'm the world's worst when it comes to New Year Resolutions. Every year for a few years I tried to keep a diary, which pretty much fizzled out in the second week. So I don't do that anymore - and nobody is more surprised than me that I've kept several blogs going for years!

Me - if I lose a couple of stones in weight - wishful thinking or what?

'Corsets' is sheer desperation! These days it's elastane shapewear, but I bet they can't pull you in like a bit of lacing and whalebone, lol
However, this year, yet again, I'm trying to lose weight (especially after Christmas) so I thought you might be amused with a couple of digital collages I created. I'm thinking I'll print these off and put into my journal.


Christmas Configurations tray, Christmas 2012

I'd totally forgotten I'd taken these shots of my Christmas Configurations tray - it was for the Blade Rubber window display, so I didn't even have time to photograph it at home before I took it in.

Side view showing details

So here are the pix of the tray in the actual window.

It was a LOT of fun to make, and half the fun (apart from the actual decorating) is keeping an eye open for little things to put in the tray sections. I used a lot of vintage elements - 1940s silver glass drops, the wood letters spelling 'Snow' - plus a lot of glittery tree decorations, little fir cones, felt reindeer and the cutest robin in a Santa hat.

Hope you like it!