CHRISTMAS CARD - Caught in Crystal technique revisited

View from the side, really showcasing that crackle

Here's a Christmas card I've just finished (my first... might be my ONLY, lol lol lol).

The Caught In Crystal piece is on the left of St Matilde, layered under the slide mount (which I've covered with vintage sheet music to match the background layer, which in turn is layered to deckle-edged cream card, then to a top folded dark red card. The gold detailing at the edge is German scrap and some little diamante stones.
The background piece is the old Caught in Crystal technique (acetate, squirt dimensional adhesive - Diamond Glaze, Glossy Accents etc - on the back, then add reinkers. Crumple up some giftwrap tissue, plonk on top, allow to dry).

What I've done here is the updated version - exactly the same but using alcohol inks (Tim Holtz) which gives a much brighter effect, plus it dries a lot quicker. This needs to be limited to 3 or 4 colours, or it starts to look muddy. Of course I've added my own special touches: mica powders, glitter, German Glass glitter etc etc.

Stamped and embossed in gold onto black card, I've painted with Twinkling H20s and coated really heavily with Tim Holtz's Crackle Accents - it really picks up the sparkle! I'm really impressed with the result and will be buying more!
The Stampington St Matilde image uses the Faux Cloisonne technique: stamped and embossed in  gold then painted with Twinkling H20 paints. Once dry, I did a little variation: flooded with Crackle Accents. Doesn't it look effective! It took overnight to dry, but my goodness I do like this crackle.

Hope you like it!


I've put all three Configuration boxes up for sale on eBay (see the posts below for the YouTube videos) so if you're looking for the perfect special little Christmas decoration, perhaps you'd like to take a look!

I've put my heart and soul into these, and loved every second of making them - so I hope you'll love and treasure them too.

SNOW - A Christmas Configuration box

Copyright Susie Jefferson

Another Configuration box - and another Christmas project.I had so much fun with this one.

It's funny... I'm so NON-cute when it comes to artwork (except when I draw - I seem to draw 'cute') but when it comes to Christmas I just can't get enough of snowmen, robins, lights, trees etc!

So I hope you'll enjoy this little video too.

I'm listing all three Christmas boxes onto eBay later today, so do watch this space!

LOVE - a Nativity Configuration box

Copyright Susie Jefferson

This Configuration box is a traditional Nativity scene.

I've embellished the actual box very heavily with crackle paste, to give an encrusted effect rather like Royal icing.

I always love Nativity scenes at Christmas, and I've done this one so that the lights shine through the window from the back, lighting up the scene, and it looks as nice from the back as the front, thinking it might be displayed on a window sill. There's a mix of German glass glitter, diamantes, vintage sheet music etc etc - I've loved every minute of making this!

Again, I've used one of my free blog backgrounds as the backdrop for the title cards. Go here if you'd like to use it.

 This is also going up for sale on eBay this weekend - again, I'll give details when I've done the entry.

I hope you like it!

JINGLE - A Configuration Box

Copyright Susie Jefferson

I'm finally getting to grips with a video camera! And here's my first attempt. I did try with my Flip camera but the sound was dreadful - it works well but not if you're behind the camera. It didn't seem to pick my voice up, and you need to stay fairly distant as it goes out of focus in closeups. Or that could just be me being a lousy photographer, lol.

Anyway, these are taken with my normal camera which also has a video capability, and is way superior! And I didn't even know it did video pix. I could have saved all that money for the Flip.

I also couldn't get the hang of adding titles via Flip, so here's my own titling using Photoshop (and one of my freebie blog backgrounds) which is here if you'd like to use it.

I'm putting this up for sale on eBay this weekend, so do watch this space if you love it and would like to bid on it. I'll post full details later.