This girl's annual is circa 1940
I've been busy beyond belief this week, prepping then teaching a class at the Gerrards Cross Summer School. This year, I taught a recycled, upcycled journal where we used vintage book boards - and also an eclectic mix of vintage papers in differing sizes. Which makes for a different journal every time!

Side view showing stitch detail
So I thought you might like to see one in detail! This book is circa 1930s, a child's annual with board covers. The papers were really brittle, yellowed and actually crumbling, so I didn't feel at all guilty about cutting the boards away and completely re-binding.

Showing the mix of papers: different sizes, different types, including text, sheet music etc.
This one has tapes made from Grunge Paper, which I've painted and then applied gilt cream. I've sewn over the tapes, and then fixed them to the cover boards with little ties of embroidery silk.

I'm already addicted - I have made 5 in the last two weeks!

Animal Tales - another little journal. I'll be changing the title here I think.

And I promise I'll be posting more pix very shortly.

My 'I hate my hairdresser' journal page. The face is a cutout from a magazine, which I've then gone in and over-painted, drawn back into, etc. The lettering is by hand, using a fine paintbrush.

I've been so busy I've not been able to find time to get to the hairdresser (I'm booked in tomorrow, hurrah) so I thought you'd like to see a journal page I've done in the style of Teesha Moore, re a disastrous 'do' I had some months ago. Which went to prove it doesn't matter how much you pay, there's still no guarantee you'll look like a human being when they've finished, lol.  This time, I went home, ate a lot of chocolate and cried! My husband said, as he has a few times before, 'Never mind, pet, it'll grow...'

pink saturday

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Here are some great tutorials on how to make your own paper flowers, including roses! So whether your style is cottage, shabby chic or grunge, there should be one here for you. I'm definitely going to try them all!

Video copyright Martha Stewart show

This first one is on Martha Stewart, by Cassie Mae Cappel of Mommie Makes Roses - you'll have to click on the link as Martha doesn't allow video embedding (bah! boo!) but does have the written instructions and a template.

Step-by-step coffee filter rose

By sewcrafty1 on YouTube

This is a full 25 minute video showing the same rose - using that template - and showing the process from start to finish (whereas the Martha Stewart clip is only a few minutes). So if you need a full in-depth demo, this is the one for you!

A great paper bag flower

By selectionsbyER on YouTube

I love this one! As well as the crumpled Distress Ink finish, what about stamping with Distress ink and then misting with water, etc? Lots of possibilities here!

Finally, here's one using coffee filters and cupcake cases

This one is by Craftster on YouTube

Again, love this as she's done several different shapes, so the possibilities are endless (any excuse for a cupcake, lol).

Have fun!


FEELING GILTY journal page - copyright Susie Jefferson

I've been so busy that I haven't had time to create something specially for Pink Saturday, so here's a journal page - which does have pink in it, plus a lot of other colours!
Closeup of the left page
 I've used a huge dandelion head stamp and gesso to create a resist pattern, then oversprayed with Glimmer Mist, Ranger dyes... every spray in the house, almost. Once these dried, I went back in with more stamping using acrylic paints, and finally Indigo Blu Flitter Glue and gilding flakes. Hence the title 'Feeling GILTY' (geddit? yes? trying to be witty here...)

Side view, showing the Feeling Gilty titling - written with a metallic pen and black drop shadowing.

I'm calling it Feeling Gilty (referencing the gold foiling and the gold lettering) and can truthfully say there isn't a colour that I don't like.
Yes, there is also pink on this page! Titling written with India ink and a dip pen.
Although I did have a problem with pink at first, as it's right out of my comfort zone. Which you'll have noticed I have now got over, lol.

Hope you like it!

pink saturday

Finally, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts!


JOY - copyright Susie Jefferson

Here's a journal spread I had a great time with. 

Albert Einstein page - the titling is silver metallic pen, outlined with a black Sharpie

Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama - two of the wisest and most influential people on the planet, yet always laughing!

The Dalai Lama page - the quotations are cut from scrapbooking paper, then drawn round with pencil

Which just goes to prove that the greatest gift in life is a capacity for joy (my own quotation) and that laughter is indeed the best medicine (not my own quotation, lol) .

I sprayed and painted the background with various colours of acrylic - really went for the strongest contrast possible. The cloud is white acrylic, applied while the spray was still wet so that the colour mixed. The lettering is dark blue India ink (waterproof) and an old fashioned dip pen. I wrote very loosely, then went back and painted the loops of the letter with bright red. The little white dots around the page edges were made with Ranger's Inkessential white pen (opaque).

I particularly liked these images - they both look so happy!