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Pink Saturday is 4 years old today! An incredible achievement, and all credit due to Beverly for thinking up this fun meme.This is my first time contributing for ages (since I went to wordpress, in fact) so I'm really happy to be joining in this week.

I've made a blinkie, sized to fit in most sidebars - hope you like it! Just copy all the code and paste into an html widget in your sidebar or footer.

pink saturday

Finally, please visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound to see all the other wonderful Pink Saturday posts!


'Cool Britannia' Configurations Tray - copyright Susie Jefferson

Here's my Cool Britannia contribution for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I'm really pleased with how this turned out.
Closeup showing the swags, flags and pennants

I used a Tim Holtz Configuration Tray and painted the insides of the boxes with white acrylic paint, then altenated scrapbook paper and glitter card to line the insides (the back sections only). I also painted the actual tray - base coat of white acrylic, then a crackle effect with white pearl over the top.

Extreme closeup - I added Stickles glue to Her Majesty's crown and necklace, for extra bling

I had a wild time teaching the class yesterday. I've been promised photos! It'll be great to see other interpretations of this theme.

Showing some of the goodies in the little trays

I've added old postage stamps, a toy aeroplane and vintage hand carved wooden guardsmen (found on a car boot sale), some wood chess pieces, old bottle caps, repro ration book and key ring charms (telephone box, bus, heart, etc). Half the fun is the hunt for these items!

The letters are chipboard, which I covered with Glossy Accents and then Stampendous Glass Glitter in Silver ('Diamond' word) and BladeRubber's  own Champagne glitter ('Jubilee). You'll notice I used a little flatback 'diamond' to dot each 'i'.

The word 'London' was cut from scrapbook paper - it's the exact same font and colour used for the old London Underground posters, so a really lucky find.

Cool Britannia, la la lalala laaaaaa.....


Pic from Heidi - and I've lost the link to her blog! Waaaah!
 Well, you would hardly believe it... but I've just moved 1stFloorFlat back with Blogger again!

I really have tried - over several months in fact - but just cannot get along with, the self-hosted form Word Press (and as I found out, very very different from The .com one was difficult enough... but is a whole new ballgame. I had to download everything - even a spam checker! All the standard stuff is built in with Blogger, TypePad, Tumblr and WordPress. com, so it was rather a shock. And difficult enough to even get the blog installed - I had to have help from my hosting service because it was totally beyond me!

WordPress is very different in feel and approach, and I seriously think is more for computer buffs rather than someone who just wants to write a few posts and share some art work, like we do. So it's a big relief to be back on Blogger - I feel more comfortable already.

So... how do you go back to Blogger? There is not much help out there - I Googled over a period of weeks, off and on, before I found the essential links.

Step 1: Export your blog

This is the ONLY LINK out there that works - thank you David Haimes, from the bottom of my heart! (Read his full post - carefully!)

This isn't even as simple as you would think - if you also have pages, and possibly a landing page, don't even attempt to click the Download All button when you try to export your blog. This is because you can't import your blog in one step - and if it's too large, the process will fail immediately.

Choose the Posts option only, and set the dates of the posts you want to transfer.

The conversion process (see Step 2) can only handle a maximum of 1MB - so you may need to split your downloads into smaller chunks (say a year's worth of posts at a time. If that's still too large, try 6 months' worth of posts).

Now save the xml file to your desktop.

Step 2: Convert your files 

Wordpress2Blogger conversion tool
This is the ONLY LINK that will convert your files into a format Blogger will recognise. You absolutely cannot skip this step!

  • Click on the link and then Browse for that xml file you just placed on your desktop.
  • Press the Convert button and wait... and wait... and wait....
  •  Dowload the converted 'Blogger-export' file to your desktop.

Step 3: Go to Blogger and import your new file

You now have a 'Blogger-Export' file on your desktop, and this is the one you will import into Blogger.

Go to your Dashboard, then Settings. You'll find this link in 'Basic' - the very first tab.
Go to your Dashboard > Settings and the very first item you will see, under the very first tab, is the link to click to import your blog.

Browse for that 'Blogger-Export' file, fill in the two word verification prompts, hit the Import button and wait (fingers and toes crossed). You have the option to click 'Publish' immediately, or let your posts save to Draft. I'd say to take the second option as your picture sizes may be all over the place (mine were all enormous - stretching over and beyond the sidebar) and any captions may need editing - with mine, the computer code showed. So that was a lot of cut&pasting, to have them show at the correct size and underneath my images. You may also have to put in labels.

My own blog was pretty big (I've been blogging since 2008) and I decided not to upload the earliest stuff as most of it isn't relevant any more, as Blogger has changed so much.

Even so, I still had to download from WordPress in several separate sections, then convert that section, import it into Blogger, then go and do the same for the next section. Not difficult, as I now had the correct links - but very time consuming. And nerve wracking... my web server reset itself, right in the middle, and I had to start over again. Anyway, job done! Whew!

Tomorrow, I'm sorting out self-hosting (being as I paid for the domain name and the hosting already).

Note: I've archived this post onto Computery as well.