The crown and the flourish are stamped with Flitter Glue then I gilded using Gilding Flakes

As you know, I love love love tags... something about the shape of them, plus they're a quick finish. And very useful as card toppers or as bookmarks.

Closeup: a little die cut Eiffel Tower mounted with Pop Dots. The background and Eiffel Tower are achieved using Glimmer Mist sprays for fabulous backgrounds. See the shimmer? Yum!

I had to invest (just a little, lol) in some new stamps -hadn't treated myself for ages! And this is when I discovered a totally new product: Flitter Glu (from Indigo Blu).

I've stamped a butterfly onto acetate (using Staz-On) and sponged the back with Flitter Glue, then threw on a load of orange glitter. The die cut letters are covered with Glossy Accents dimensional glue, with Stampendous German Glass glitter thrown on while it was wet (allow to dry at least 2 hours before tipping off the excess). I didn't have an 'A' so I used a button instead!

In my opinion, Flitter Glue is the best invention since sliced bread (I have never ever been able to gild successfully using the many varieties of sticky embossing powder) so here's a quickie tutorial on how to use it.


Indigo Blu does the MOST FABULOUS glue for gilding, glitter etc - Flitter Glue. Pour out about a teaspoonful onto a tile or plate, and pick this up on a small piece of Cut'N'Dry Foam (cut around 2in x 3in out of the sheet). Smoosh the WHITE side of the foam into the Flitter Glue to pick it up, then use this like an inkpad to 'ink up' - or should I say 'glue up' your stamps, and stamp with it.

The best bit is... this is so slow drying that you can do all your stamping in one go (even come back to it the following day - the image will still be tacky). So you can take your time applying Gilding Flakes, glitter, PearlEx or Perfect Pearls powders, powder eyeshadow, chalk pastels etc.

Closeup of the gilding. I used a stamp with a very fine outline, and it still shows perfectly! Love it!

If you're using Gilding Flakes or foil, lay or sprinkle on top of your stamped-with-Flitter-Glue image and allow to set for a few seconds, then press down with the palm of your hand to make sure it's adhered nicely. If using foils, lift the foil off, and you're done! If using Gilding Flakes, rub off excess flakes with a Texture Sponge in a circular motion. Keep polishing with the sponge till it's all gone (pour the excess back ito the pot to use again). Step back and admire!


Dust onto your stamped image, allow to sit for a few seconds. Shake off the excess! If you find it's not adhered well (perhaps a very finely drawn image, or you were rather sparing with the glue) throw on more powder, glitter etc - and lay a sheet of copy paper on top, and press down firmly (stops your hands getting covered with stuff). Remove the paper, shake off the excess and Voila!


I probably won't be popular here - it's with dread that I report Facebook is totally reconfiguring and giving us a new look. I detest it already. This will be coming into operation in April, and I'm afraid we have no choice in the matter. It's being foisted on us.

The new look is a Timeline, and thank goodness I've found this wonderful post by AF Design which tells us how to make the transition.

I absolutely hate it already. I had enough difficulty keeping up when one post was under another as with a blog - but now the posts go from one side to the other, and it's a nightmare trying to sort it visually. It looks a cluttered and confusing mess in my opion. I think Facebook has finally lost the plot, and find it astounding that some geek has somehow convinced them this is a good idea.

Of course time will tell, but from my point of view it's a nightmare. Still, at least you have this post to help you through it all.

ADDITION: Saturday 24 March 2012

My dear friend Anne from El Milagro Studio is an avid FB-er, and has sent this wonderful solution: Social Fixer. Just type Social Fixer into your Search box on your FaceBook page to find it, or click my link here to download Social Fixer directly. I use Firefox so I clicked that button, and it installed like a dream. Now everything is readable again! It has great functions like getting rid of that constantly updating little sidebar in the top right-hand corner - just in your peripheral vision, which startles me when it moves. Tons of options, seconds to install, and HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks Anne - your're a life saver!

The Socher Team - my latest makeover

Just finished another makeover - this time a template - and my first corporate business one! Shoshana and Coby Socher are The Socher Team - a mother&son team of estate agents. The screenshot above shows their landing page.

This page shows their blog proper, 'Our Listings'.

I loved doing this, such a lot of fun. If you look at the Contact page and scroll down a little, you'll see their advert and tag line: Licenced to Sell. Loosely based on the 007 James Bond image - so I themed the blog to that.

Shoshana also has a 'Fun Stuff' page with strange-but-true houses; there will be recipes, vintage stuff, DIY and decorating advice... I'll definitely be watching this space.


Cartier's new advert... like stepping into a dream...

New blog makeover: She Who Stamps & Scraps

She Who Stamps & Scraps

I finished another blog makeover - for Marjie at She Who Stamps & Scraps.

This is a TypePad blog, and was another learning curve - whereby I've used a nifty bit of html to enter coding for sidebar headers so their photobucket links are invisible! Very pleased about that.

As they say, Where there's a Will, there's a Shakespeare, lol.

Hope you like it! (If you do, and want a makeover for YOUR blog, click on my Etsy shop).

PicMonkey - a fabulous FREE and EASY photo-editing gadget

Photo copyright The Socher Team, effects by me

Anne of El Milagro Studio (a thousand blessings upon you!) has just sent me this fabulous link for PicMonkey. As we know, Google has gotten rid of PicNik, and this is a thousand times better in my opinion!

It's FREE, it's EASY and you do all your editing online! Special effects, frames, cropping, fonts - everything! Magic!

Here's how: read my tutorial and just follow the thumbnails in order (click for full size) and don't forget to click the green 'Apply' button on the programme when you're done.

Fun, huh?