Just a quick email from an internet cafe to let you know my poor computer has Finally Died.

Even with my reboot discs - which it couldn't read, and kept repeating Fatal Error, Fatal Error (I nearly gave it one with my husband's lump hammer...) it still couldn't be saved, so I'm surfing for a new one.

To go with an all-in-one or not, that is the question. I have a nearly new 22inch LG monitor, so do I need a touch screen one where I have to stretch my arms up? Remember, I suffer from RSI and have the ergonomic keyboard and a rollerball mouse to prove it.They look very good, they save lots of space - but are also very expensive. I need 1TB under the hood minimum, and a 1TB graphics capability, plus a min of 4GB memory.

Plus I don't want a load of rubbish under the hood that a lot of manufacturers seem to feel they have to pile in - it all uses up memory! And don't you just RESENT being given a trial version of Windows Office then be forced to purchase the licence? as if the machine doesn't cost enough...

So - I'm wounded in action - I have hauled the machine to a repair centre but don't hold out much hope as I think it's the motherboard.

RIP oh treasured friend!


Photograph copyright Craft Stamper magazine - project copyright me
I've got a project in the Craft Stamper May 2011 magazine - and I got the front cover, too!

Copyright Craft Stamper magazine
OK, to be fair, you'd need your glasses on to see it, so I've helpfully highlighted it (there's no end to my modesty, lol lol lol) but I thought you'd like to see it in all its glory. I wish I'd had the new camera then, as I don't have any photos myself - but when I get it back from the magazine, I promise to photograph it properly with some closeups for you.


Copyright Craft Stamper magazine
Meantime, I just got my June 2011 copy of Craft Stamper - and I'm in this issue too! Page 72 in case anyone is asking...
Photographs copyright Craft Stamper, project copyright me

Here is the project description (in Web Extras in Craft Stamper's online section) - scroll down to the bottom. This time I did take more photographs (the new camera).

Copryight Susie Jefferson - spread without cabinet card in pocket
Copyright Susie Jefferson - altered cabinet card

Hope you like them!

And the front cover of the June issue (all pink) is by Kate Crane of The Kathryn Wheel - go here to read her blog. I'm proud to say I designed her blog for her, so I can say I knew her when!


Copyright free image from Tack-o-Rama
Hurrah! My blog is back to normal!

Yes, folks, last night I turned on the computer and miraculously my Follow, New Post and Quick Edit buttons have all reappeared - as has my Google ID, so I can Now Leave Comments! I am thrilled, you have no idea.... Only whinge now is that my pix still don't upload when I click the Upload button, but double-clicking on the image works, so who cares!

Other news:

I've just done a new page (taken me all morning) of my favourite how-to links for projects, which I have sorted into category. They are all on the Recommended page. I think this will be a lot more useful than just listing a blog in the sidebar, as you can now find a particular post and go straight to it.

Suggestions gratefully received, if you have a tutorial I should be listing.

By the way - have you noticed that when writing your post, that the Post Options and Labels are now on the left, not on the right? Wonder why they bothered changing them over - it will have taken an awful lot of work, and what for? No wonder our templates are all upset!

OTHER other news - my latest piece has been published in Craft Stamper magazine - but as I haven't yet seen it (need to go & buy one) I have no idea what it is! I'll put up the pic soon as I do.


Just before Christmas, I was over at my friend Jamie's house, having a play day, and Jamie photographed my process using wooden print blocks. So here are the videos! 

If you want to see the how-to for the pink box, here's the tutorial I did earlier.

This one is a tutorial for a simple 3-hole pamphlet bound book. You'll see I also created all the pages, so the book is complete - all it needs is a bit of journalling. As I used acrylics (which dry waterproof) the pages are safe to collage, paint, glue, distress...

When doing the stitching, start at the centre hole (from the inside or outside of the book, your choice) then go up to the next hole. Bring the thread down to the last hole (missing out the centre hole) and then finish off by stitching through that centre hole again. Postion the thread so one end is one either side of the length of thread you just stitched, and tie off by trapping that central thread between the two ends. Use a square or Reef knot (right over left, left over right) and trim close to the knot. Press down on the knot with a bone folder to flatten. That's it!

Jamie is the brains behind Colouricious - if you haven't seen their excellent YouTube videos and craft DVDs, you are really missing something!

Here, I was using acrylics and gesso - just make sure you clean your blocks or stamps continuously, because once this stuff dries, it's permanent. (I plonk mine image-side down on a damp flannel, sponge, wad of kitchen paper, to keep the surface moist till I'm ready to clean up.)