Have you been glued to the TV, watching the Royal wedding? I have...every single second! 

Loved the dress, That Kiss, the ceremony, the pomp & circumstance... (sigh)

To celebrate, I have finally decided to list my Princess Diana stamps on eBay - 3 sheets (pink) of stamps, 20 on each sheet, so 60 in total. Perfect for collectors, collage or altered art etc etc. I have been hoarding these for ages, but finally decided to bite the bullet... time to let go, and let someone else enjoy them. Also the start of my next massive clearout at home.
 The perfect way to commemmorate a Royal wedding day!

pink saturday

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Radiographer - copyright PUPARO
Dearie me - as if I'm not suffering enough with Blogger - I now can't even leave a comment ON MY OWN BLOG!

Yes, you read it right - not only do I have to sign in every time, but I also have to click Google ID - then any comment disappears - and now it's happening on my own blog as well. So I can't even reply to you, if you've left a comment for me (unless you have an email address listed somewhere). So I do apologise if you think I'm ignoring you!

This really is too bad, and is tempting me to think about trying other blog formats again. Well, the UK has a public holiday on Friday (The Royal Wedding) and also Monday (May Bank Holiday) so I have some time to try and come up with a solution to it all.

It's enough to make me want to throw all my toys out the pram! As it is, I've stuck my head in a bucket instead.


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Good news - just a very quick post to update you all ... the 'Older Posts' buttons or text that we have personalised now look to be working perfectly again. Which definitely beats having to change templates then lose all our tweaks.

And I actually managed to leave a comment today! So I'm hopeful that's back to normal as well.

So it looks like normal service is finally being resumed.

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The bad news is: I still don't have my 'Follow' button at the top toolbar of the blog, or the 'New Post' button or the quick edit icon.

Problems loading pictures to your posts?

I've found that clicking on the upload photo is not working every time. Sometimes it does - and there's the picture on the blog post. Other times, it flashes and the picture disappears from the add picture folder, then reappears with the blue outline - and clicking a second time sometimes works ... or not.

If this is happening to you, try double-clicking on the image you want to add. I've found this works for me, and the picture goes straight into the blog post.

Hope this helps - you know I'll keep you updated!


Link for Known Issues site
Here's the latest news re the error message for Older Posts. 

Looks like they are onto it - but how long is it going to take, I wonder? Meantime, what about the rest of the problems?

Thanks to everyone who left a comment - wish I could leave you a comment back! Normal service will be resumed.... eventually.... (maybe in my lifetime?)


Well, folks, it looks like Blogger is yet again surpassing itself in the annoyance stakes.

I now have no working 'older posts' links on all my blogs! Anywhere you see a pictorial link (which worked fine till a couple of days ago) no longer work, and all you get is an error message.

Here is a link to a fix, which unfortunately doesn't work on any of my blogs - although it might work for you! The only one of my blogs without this problem is Freebies, because I hadn't gotten round to putting on my new link pix. All the others (and I'm using several different templates including Minima and the new Designer template Simple) are not co-operating. And changing back to a text link hasn't worked either!

So you can guess what my homework this weekend is going to be... makes me think I ought to try WordPress again (although trying to use WordPress is ANOTHER major headache... I just want a blog that works!)

What else is [not] happening?

I can't seem to leave comments on blogs I haven't visited before, or have rarely visited. Some blogs show my Google ID immediately. Others ask for it - so I click on that, type in the word verification, click to leave a comment... then that's the last I see of it! Go figure, as they say...

Where has my 'quick edit' facility gone? The little pencil icon has disappeared from all my blog pages.

Following & Dashboard
These were at the top of the page when I look at my blog. Where are they now? I have to SIGN IN every single time. It's getting veeeery tedious!

Am I happy? I rather think not... hence the lack of posts... As soon as I can find/sort a fix out, I'll let you all know.


I'm really excited! Craft Stamper has just released their first e-zine featuring the very best projects of 2010!

So if you missed an issue (or are outside the UK and haven't been able to get your hands on a copy), here you are: the best of the best - and best of all, it's a free download! So click on the link, download away - and don't forget to tell all your friends.